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Road Accidents Prevention 2014-Papers and Presentation of Authors:
47 Preventive measures and activities for reducing road traffic accidents in the Republic of Macedonia
Murgoski, B., Babanoski, K.
47 Strengthening institutional capacity at the local community level as a prterequisite for a reduction of the number of traffic accidents–case study–Republic of Srpska
Radovic, M., Lipovac, K., Tešic, M., Džever, M., Maric, B.
47 Road safety performance indicators related to speed at three locations on Serbian part of corridor X
Lipovac, K., Nešic, M., Rosic, M.
47 Influence of driver's attitudes on intention to speed in the urban area
Matovic, B., Micic, S., Backalic, T.
47 The influence of risk perception and self-assessed driving abilities on the behavior of young drivers
Jovanovic, D., Stanojevic, P., Jakšic, D.
47 Cell phone usage while driving influence on driver's reaction time
Milanovic, I., Rankovic, Ž., Gošic, A.
47 Improving the safety of non-motorized road users
Antida, A.
47 Identification of high-density locations with homogeneous attributes of pedestrian accident in the urban area of Novi Sad
Bulajic, A., Matovic, B., Backalic, S., Jovanovic, D.
47 Pedestrian behaviour at pedestrian crossing regulated with traffic lights–case study Belgrade
Nešic, M., Lipovac, K., Rosic, M.
47 The safety of cyclists in selected cities in Republic oof Serbia
Jevtic, V., Vukšic, V., Ivaniševic, T., Tešic, M.
47 Roadway design and land-use planning-prerequisite for pedestrian safety
Cvetanovski, I., Cvetanovska, C.
47 The impact of bus stop location on pedestrian safety
Šimunovic, LJ., Cosic, M., Vujcic, T.
47 Self-explaining roads: concept analysis and a proposal for the establishment in Slovenia
Prestor, J., Klemen, B., Zotlarc, S., Rencelj, M.
47 Turbo-roundabouts in Slovenia – state of the art
Tollazzi, T., Rencelj, M.
47 Mini roundabouts inside urban areas: Slovenian experiences
Rencelj, M., Šraml, M.
47 Examination of attitudes of traffic participants after implementation of roundabouts in the city of Bor
Madžovski, M., Divac, N., Miletic, D.
47 In-depth analyses of road accidents, state-of-the-art and the possibilities for the implementation in the Republic of Serbia
Pešic, D., Vujanic, M., Lipovac, K., Antic, B.
47 Comparison of analysis of road traffic safety in the city of Zagreb and Republic of Croatia
Brcic, D., Zovak, G., Tepeš, K.
47 The analysis of the use of protective systems in Serbia
Pešic, D., Antic, B., Davidovic, J.
47 Possibility of using the crash test results for the analysis of the consequences of traffic accidents in the form of vehicle crashes
Bogicevic, D., Kostic, S., Stankovic, M., Ilic, M.
47 Analysis of the time of change from the high beam lights into low beam lights on two lane roads in night conditions
Joševski, Z., Zlatkovski, S., Stefanovski, P., Stojmenov, M.