The problem of traffic safety has become a global phenomenon in almost all countries over the world, but the consequences of these problems are different by their specifics and dimension that burden the society, i.e. the spatial entity in which it occurs.

These problems have a function of determination and commitment of society towards solving different problems of traffic safety. Effective work in the field of traffic safety requires shared responsibility, strategically planned and coordinated work at all levels of organization.

Non-governmental organizations have an important role in the system of traffic safety. The role of these organizations is increasingly important.

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Non-governmental organizations tackle some issues in the field of traffic safety, launch initiatives for their solution, but in addition to this, with their control, praise, criticism or condemnation they affect the operation of the basic institutions within the social mechanism. Increased ability of their action is having a potential for giving support that can be used for the purpose of obtaining public opinion because of their ability is deliver the message and further stimulate the public.

It is our desire to establish a constant quality work to prevent traffic accidents and their consequences in Serbia with our work and activities support of other relevant institutions of traffic safety. This would create conditions for the creation of efficient protective system of traffic safety in Serbia.

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